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team Hessen IT-News 01/2016 Does the Industry 4.0 concept require a Management Accounting 4.0?

Big data processing in the context of Industry 4.0 equally requires real-time evaluation capabilities of accounting and financial data. Together with research partners from universities, PCC has already started the development of respective future oriented tools.

team EEN Highlights 2015 Comprehensive innovation consulting

PCC strides forward and develops solutions for SMEs in the context of Industry 4.0. Specific challenges are real-time processing and economic evaluation of big data produced by the automated processes of the future.

team Internet of Things - City of Science Darmstadt Industry 4.0 – PCC Consulting

In the future, optimised data from the areas of energy, production, logistics, purchasing, disposition and environmental management will be processed in realtime, allowing for a new management accounting, which lives up to its original meaning again, namely the control and optimisation of cost and performance of the enterprise.