About PCC Consulting

For 30 years, PCC Consulting has been offering practical, informative and scientifically sound management accounting software solutions, continuously modernised and customised to the individual requirements of our customers across all mid-tier industries. In addition to offering management consulting and operations analyses, we develop modular software solutions for integrated operational management accounting, linking the finance, sales, purchasing and production departments, while building on existing systems and data sources.

Our management accounting solutions uniquely unite planning and operational tasks from separate departments and system environments in one single application, thereby enabling flexible and concerted decisions for result maximisation, at any time. For this, we associate technical performance indicators from production planning and management, such as scheduling, processing time, capacity utilisation, lot size and sequencing with the operational cost and activity accounting and the financial accounting to form a complete and integrated cost and profitability, financial, liquidity and balance sheet planning system.

Based on the scientific works of H.-G. Plaut, Prof. W. Kilger, Prof. H. Müller and Prof. H.-W. Stahl on marginal costing and the practical consulting and technology expertise of our experts, we are currently developing future-oriented management accounting solutions.

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