integrated business planning

Integrated business planning harmonises the long-term strategy for corporate success with short-term operative success-optimisation. However, factors that define corporate success can be of monetary and non-monetary nature. Therefore, each factor needs to be evaluated separately as well as in relative dependence to one another to achieve clear transparency of the multi-dimensional consequences of individual planning decisions.

Particularly in the light of an increasing industrial automation rate and an advancing corporate interconnectedness due to the digital transformation of entire supply chains, integrated corporate planning builds the foundation for fast and informed decisions that are in line with a long-term strategy for multi-dimensional corporate success.

Integrierte Unternehmensplanung

We facilitate your transition towards integrated corporate planning through the following steps:

1)   Achieve transparency of monetary consequences of potential decisions

Identified potentials of individual departments are evaluated separately, as well as in integration to illustrate their impact on operating results.

2)   Set up the capability for an integrated optimisation of operative plans

Identified potentials of individual departments can be simulated immediately and in form of integrated plan scenarios compared with each other for optimized planning of operating results.

3)   Consideration of the ability to meet financial obligations

Integrated corporate planning also has to consider the possibility of temporary liquidity shortages, e.g. due to changing order volumes or payment behaviour. Even the best plan of a successful enterprise can fail due to unforeseen temporary shortages of liquid funds. Therefore, we ensure early transparency and respective risk evaluation.

4)   Long-term integrated planning of corporate success

An integrated analysis of short-term impacts of planning decisions also enables the planning of long-term success. Sustainable investments and qualitative goals can now directly be simulated, evaluated and planned together with operative results.