business planning for startups

Intuitive startup planning with insight!

  You are starting a business and are looking for an easy planning and reporting tool, that is intuitive, yet satisfies the requirements of your business plan and bank reports?

You want to gain transparency of your actual capital needs and continuously monitor your liquidity development?

You want to take charge of the financial development of your startup from the beginning, so you can immediately take action on plan deviations?

business planning for startups

The startupManager is an easy and intuitive software solution for planning your business. Take an easy start with our intuitive planning template in Excel and simply upload your figures into the  startupManager for analyses, reports and control. The preconfigured planning aid supports you in choosing additional relevant parameters for planning your liquidity.

Your financial KPIs, as well as your planned financial and liquidity statements are immediately generated. You can quickly add additional alternative planning scenarios, e.g. best case, worst case, etc. by copying and modifying your initial plan. Taking advantage of the predefined reports within the startupManager

startupManager you can subsequently create your bank compliant business plan.

As soon as you post your actual earnings and expenses, the startupManager enables you to contiuously control your financial situation by providing you with management decision support in form of plan-actual-comparisons and financial forecasts. For the direct transparency of positive and negative deviations, each planning entry can be visually assessed by adding traffic lights. Utilising this option, your focus gets immediatly directed to the areas of your business that require adaptive management action.

Our planning solution for startups offers you:

  • an easy, intuitive planning template as Excel sheet, which you can modify as necessary and upload into the startupManager.
  • continuous transparency of your capital needs and your liquidity development.
  • planning support in form of planning aids.
  • predefined reports for your business plan and communication with banks and lenders.
  • any number of planning scenarios (e.g. best case, worst case, etc.).
  • direct integration with your financial accounting to import periodic actuals.
  • management tools (plan-actual-comparisons) incl. KPIs and graphical analyses of your financial development.
  • automatic forecasting (projection of the impact of actual deviations on the annual plan).
  • clear visualisation of positive and negative deviations in form of traffic lights.
business planning for startups