data cleansing

Reliable decision support enabled through data evaluation and correction!

The dataManager performs a check of your ERP data in order to ensure reliable basic controlling data. Current data in the areas of purchasing, production, stock and distribution is checked and provided for correction. Inaccuracies, faulty data, incorrect data ranges and missing prices can all be induced by the difference in quality requirements for the production data between job preparation and management accounting.

While such errors may not have a negative effect on production, correcting them is an essential requirement for correct costing and reliable profitability analyses. Equally, data cleansing is an important basis for reliable planning. Even small errors, transferred and undetected, can have considerable impact on the determination of optimal sales quantities.

data cleansing

Our solution for data check, evaluation and correction offers you:

  • freely definable checks on the existence of master data, on marginal values and variances.
  • plausibility and completeness checks of costing data from the production area.
  • recognition of incorrect data ranges, existing records with zero values, missing volumes and prices plus different surcharges.
  • convenient display and overview of different error types and reference quantities.
  • a checking manager for check runs of specific error analyses, which are repeatable in specified intervals.
  • simulation scenarios for calculations up to the operating results and evaluation of the error significance.
  • standard interfaces to many well-known ERP systems, as well as individually configurable interfaces.
data cleansing