flexible cost planning and marginal accounting

Operational management accounting at its best!

The profitManager software solution is a comprehensive management accounting system for flexible cost planning and marginal accounting, featuring cost of sales and total cost accounting with cost centre accounting, cost object accounting and profitability analysis. It is an economically well-founded, holistic management accounting system for medium-sized enterprises, based on the current economic and scientific standard and the sum of long-time consulting experiences and development activities of our employees.

The profitManager checks and compiles the complete data of your enterprise, from the bills of materials and routeings, to material cost and salaries, with exact costings and operating income results, to well structured reports for managerial decision support. Utilising fast simulation runs with integrated parameter modifications in production, sales and administration, the annual enterprise planning period is considerably shortened, sparing the management accountant tedious reconciliation efforts.

flexible cost planning and marginal accounting

Our management accounting system offers you:

  • cost centre accounting with actual and planning data, cost allocation as well as variance analyses (plan-actual, plan-plan and target-actual).
  • customer- and product-related quotation costing for pricing with automatic quotation creation.
  • always up-to-date product costings for the determination of product cost, cost of goods sold and contribution margins.
  • final costing with variance analysis to standard costing as well as inventory management and capital employed on order level.
  • profitability analysis per product – order – project – customer – profit centre – sales area – enterprise and total.
  • contribution costing with fixed-cost coverage for customers and products and in stages up to the operating income.
  • integrated fast simulation of all technical and economic enterprise resource planning data up to the operating income, supplemented by the impact on liquidity.
  • simulation of all quantities and values, providing the basis for accurate enterprise planning and forecasts.
flexible cost planning and marginal accounting