PCC management accounting dashboard

Always an eye on your operational KPIs!

As a supplement to our solutions, the PCC management accounting dashboard offers graphical reporting, which you can comfortably retrieve from your mobile device or your desktop PC. This way, you can access all information relevant to you at any time.

The PCC management accounting dashboard can be displayed with all common webbrowsers,  making it independent of the operating system (no app).

Individual diagrams are displayed within so-called „widgets“. The time span for the information displayed in each of these can be separately specified and modified within the user interface. To organise widgets thematically, they can be consolidated in separate tabs. In addition, the most relevant widgets can be displayed directly on the start screen.

Besides data extracted from PCC solutions, information from other data sources, e.g. enterprise resource planning or financial accounting, can be embedded as well.

PCC management accounting dashboard