sales planning and operational sales management

Operational sales management with up-to-date profitability!

The salesManager is a comprehensive, modular sales planning and accounting system for general and sales managers. Featuring detailed sales quantity and turnover planning, top-down and bottom-up planning over several years and an integrated profitability analysis and forecast the salesManager provides you sound sales analyses in real-time.

With the salesManager you create plans and reports based on an existing or planned product and customer structure of any characteristics, such as customer groups, sales representatives, industries, profit centres, sales territories, countries, product groups, ranges and the entire company, on any required level of detail.

Price changes and thus changes in conditions have the greatest leverage effect on the profit. Therefore, value orientated enterprises do not only optimise on the cost side, but also adjust their price and conditions system. The salesManager governs purchasing and sales conditions as well as the calculation of resulting bonuses, advertising subsidies, rewards etc.

sales planning and operational sales management

Our software solution for sales planning and operational sales management offers you:

  • a detailed sales quantity and turnover planning with any product and customer structure both top-down and bottom-up.
  • rolling planning for 12 months, also cross-fiscal and derived from seasonal curves.
  • separate planning and information according to areas of responsibility, with corresponding assignment of rights und rolls.
  • exact turnover planning through transfer of direct sales deductions and discounts from invoicing.
  • any number of alternative plans with operating income forecast for the determination of the optimal marketing programme.
  • various plan-actual-comparisons with reports at an aggregated level or up to the individual customer and product.
  • simulation of all quantities, prices and turnovers in real-time with direct display of the operating income.
  • settlement of bonuses, advertising subsidies and sales bonuses for customers and suppliers.
  • a structured mapping of all conditions. The condition types are very flexible and unlimited.
  • allocation of advertising subsidies by various rules: profit center related, product-related, supplier-/customer-related and arbitrarily linked.
  • quantity-dependent, conditions that are calculated in per cent and conditions with fixed amounts.
  • direct and prompt calculation of revenues and expenses on basis of purchases or sales.
  • assignment and comparison of plan to actual conditions plus conditions controlling with revenue optimisation.
  • transfer of plans as accruals for the financial accounting with automatic actualisation.
  • integrated P&L account and forecasts for products, customers and suppliers.
  • a very short implementation and training period due to its intuitive, user-friendly GUI.
sales planning and operational sales management